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Fertility Specialists

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This has been our specialty for years before becoming independent. Our unparalleled, extensive experience and research in this field of medicine sets us apart from any other pharmacy in the Ottawa area.

Online Ordering

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No need to call, wait, drive, park, line up, etc. Our website makes it easy to get what you need with minimal time and effort.

Compliance Packaging

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Also known as “dosettes” or “dispills,” this conveniently packaged medication is prepared by the pharmacy, separating your medication into 4 or more dosing times per day. This is beneficial to patients who: forget to take their medication, forget if they have already taken medication, have trouble with other packaging types, have many medications, have complicated or unusual dosing schedules, or prefer this custom packaging. We can incorporate your non-prescription medications into this format as well, providing you with the ultimate convenience in medication administration.